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8th-Mar-2010 01:54 am - isn't she loverly?
This is Mallory Phillips by sixamsims . She's just the cutest thing.


These two are my current favorite sims 3 couple.  She wants to raise five kids from baby to teenager.  Which is all good, because I'm more than happy to breed them, lol.  But NO MATTER how many times I have them try, she doesn't get knocked up.  It's actually quite distressing.  *sigh*
1st-Mar-2010 06:34 pm - new peggy hair.
jourdan dunn i-d

This is one of Peggy's latest hairs.  Like with most of Peggy's Sims3 hairs, this one is kind of weird, but unlike the others, I kind of love this, LOL.
7th-Feb-2010 10:26 pm - Room for Gustav
Since the last time I posted, I've uninstalled/reinstalled this game so many times, lol, gone through so many neighborhoods, I've just gotten used to the idea that any neighborhood I start will have a shelf life of about a month at the most.

Since gameplay has become limited, I've taken a renewed interest in the design aspect of the Sims 3, and have slowly started to decorate my sim homes.  This room was done for the 'From a kid's point of view' challenge at LivingSims Forum.  The challenge was to design a bedroom for a child, and here's my go at it, a room for Gustav Dangerfield, an adventurous little guy, who happens to be a bookworm, have a good sense of humour, and whose favourite colour is blue.
13th-Dec-2009 08:44 pm - the one where I start all over.
jourdan dunn i-d
Since the last time I posted, I've gone through approximately eleven borked neighborhoods. I'm attempting another go at it, hopefully this 'hood lasts longer than the ones before it, LOL.

New to Sunset Valley v1238947, Finnegan Garrett.

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10th-Nov-2009 12:12 pm - let's make a love connection.
kurt plz

Round 1 of 'Operation Make Cameron a Summers' doesn't go too well.
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8th-Nov-2009 01:30 am - introducing this gqmf, Dylan Summers
jourdan dunn i-d

I moved Cameron out of her parent's house, and in with this lovely pixel specimen, Dylan Summers.
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